I always dreaded the open ended “tell us something about yourself” prompt when entering a new class. While I don’t dread writing an “about me” section it does feel strange to write about oneself. But, introductions, even written ones, are necessary to understand the content and the lens through which I write, so here it goes.

That’s my nickname. It’s also my maiden name. Ever since I can remember, people have referred to me as ‘Luckey’. People still call me this, both in a friendly and professional setting, today.

I am a mom to one year old twins, an english bulldog, two cats and I am married to my college sweetheart, Mike. We grew up in the same town in Northern Virginia and ended up at different colleges in the same town. We were friends in high school and began seriously dating our freshman year of college. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

Mike and I are both attorneys. We practice law in Northern Virginia together. I represent clients primarily in family law related cases but also take on criminal defense cases when appropriate.

After establishing a home and our practice in Northern Virginia and doing a bit of travel, Mike and I decided to start a family. We faced unexplained infertility issues for about two-and-a-half years and finally were blessed with our twins, William and Nellie.

William and Nellie are healthy one year olds now, however they had a rough start to life. They were born at 33 weeks and two days and spent about six weeks in The University of Virginia NICU learning to breathe and eat and growing.

When William and Nellie were 9 months old, Mike and I were beyond surprised to learn that I was pregnant – with a singleton (that’s what mom’s of multiples call a baby when there is just one). A baby girl, Scottie, is due August 2017 and we could not be more excited to complete our family.

Beyond these major pieces of my life I have a few obsessions – sparkling wine and water, good beer, coffee and tea, hosting friends and family, good service at restaurants and hotels, stemware, any television show that involves a historical period (think Tudors, Outlander, Game of Thrones, etc.), quality and functional workwear, shoes, travel, and politics & philosophy.

Some recent events in my life have lead me to decide on two mantras, if you will, that guide me at the moment. First, never criticize anyone – at least not openly. This is an ode to Abraham Lincoln, who, early in his career, would openly criticize many people. After a series of events, he decided never to criticize anyone ever again. I’m not perfect and definitely think critical thoughts, but thinking something critical and saying something critical have two different reactions. Second, live a life well lived. Eleanor Roosevelt famously said that doing so should be the goal in life, not happiness. For living a life well lived ultimately means that you are happy.

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