Mommin' ain't easy

Mommin' ain't easy

Momming is tough – can I get an amen? Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or you are a working mom, it’s hard no matter what. For some reason, moms feel guilty for even thinking about taking some time out for themselves instead of attending to the needs of the family or addressing something that needs to get done at work. I know I go through that guilt. Perhaps it’s because I know there is always something that can be done either around the house, with my family, or with my job. My to-do list at work is never ending – there is seriously always something that can be done, reviewed, written, or researched. With my family and the twins, there is always laundry that can be folded, meals to be planned, groceries to be bought, a closet to be organized, etc., etc. But seriously, I’m here to tell you (and myself) – just stop. Stop and think about yourself for once. Self-care is something that many women, when they become moms, just don’t do anymore. However, your family and your work will be the direct beneficiaries if you make sure to carve out a small amount of time to yourself, doing whatever you enjoy doing.

Some people might read this and think to themselves that this idea is selfish. But it’s really not. You are doing this for your family. You are teaching your children that life is not about constantly working (whether that work is a nine-to-five job and then coming home and mothering or your job is mothering 24 hours a day). Life is about being happy and in order to be happy one must create an appropriate balance of all of the activities one engages in. You are less likely to feel any sort of resentment toward your family, children, or your career if you balance those interests with your self interest.

I actually followed through with my own advice recently and booked spa services at The Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, Virginia. I can’t take full credit for this idea though. My husband was and is a big supporter of this. Even on the morning of my appointments I said to Mike – “I feel kind of weird taking a whole day from work and the kids and going to do this” and he insisted that I should not feel “weird” at all and to enjoy my day. I booked a maternity massage and a facial and each were exceptional. I am so very glad that I took the day to take care of myself. Afterwards, I felt relaxed and more confident. When I returned from my appointments that day and told Mike how great I felt and how wonderful it was he said “you should do this weekly” Haha, thanks Mikey, maybe quarterly for now?

During my maternity massage the therapist used an essential oil that was a mixture of rosewood and lavender – the smell was amazing and each oil has different benefits in a maternity massage. Per the therapist – rosewood is beneficial in combating stretch marks and relieving muscle pain, joint pain, and anxiety. Lavender is the ultimate combatant for stress and anxiety and also relieves pains associated with pregnancy. I am not an essential oils expert, if you’re reading this and planning to use essential oils on your own, please do your own research regarding the benefits of essential oils and how to properly use them during pregnancy.

While I loved my maternity massage, I loved my facial even more. I have always had issues dealing with dark spots on my face due to over-production of melanin and my therapist modified my facial to address these concerns for me. She used products from the Natura Bisse line, which is a high end skin care line from Barcelona. After my facial I am seriously tempted to switch my skin care routine to the Natura Bisse line, however, when my therapist got to the extraction part (where they get up close and personal to check your pores and remove black heads, white heads, or otherwise clogged pores) she commented how clear my pores were and had seriously limited extractions to do – so, for now, I will continue using Kerstin Florian’s line (more on that in a future post).

My favorite products that my therapist used from the Natura Bisse line were the Diamond White Glowing Mask, the C+C Vitamin Scrub, and the Diamond Body Cream (all pictured above with links). First, everything from Natura Bisse smells amazing – each product has this combo citrusy/flowery smell that is to die for. The glowing mask literally made my skin glow and I had noticeably lighter dark spots immediately after my treatment. I am actually going to include this into my skin care routine with my Kerstin Florian products. The scrub – first, I am a sucker for exfoliating scrubs, they’re my fav, it just feels so good to exfoliate. The only thing I preferred about the C+C Vitamin scrub to my current scrub is the smell, again to die for. Finally, the Diamond Body Cream – while I loved it because it was so luxurious on my skin, it’s not affordable. It runs $230 a pop for 9.5 ounces. The therapist used this cream because it’s an effective treatment for stretch marks and well, I’m pregnant so, ya know. If you can afford to drop this kind of dough, by all means I recommend this product, but I won’t be including this in my daily routine unless I win the lottery or Santa drops it down my chimney at Christmas.

Have any of you used these products or the Kerstin Florian products? Tell me about some of your favorite skin care products that you use in your daily routine in the comments below!

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